MALDI matrix
LaserBio Labs MALDI matrices cover a wide array of protein and peptide-based applications as well as other chemical families. All our matrices are recrystallized for highest purity and best analytical performance. They are offered in both bulk amounts and pre-weighted aliquots ready to use for daily convenience and fast sample preparation

  • CHCA
    a-cyano-4-hydroxycinnamic acid matrix
  • SA
    3,5 dimethoxy-4-hydroxycinnamic acid (Sinapinic acid)
  • DHB
    2,5 dihydroxybenzoic acid (Gentisic acid)
  • sDHB
    2,5 dihydroxybenzoic acid + 5-methoxysalicylic acid
  • CA
    3,4 dihydroxycinnamic acid (Caffeic acid)
  • FA
    trans-4-hydroxy-3-methoxycinnamic acid (Ferulic acid)
  • HPA
    3-hydroxypicolinic acid
  • 246THAP
    2,4,6 trihydroxyacetophenone
  • PA
    pyridine-2-carboxylic acid (Picolinic acid)
Peptide and protein calibration kits include 5 vials and diluent. Each peptide or protein vial provides up to 1000 calibration points.

Peptide calibrants

  • Peptide Mix 1 – 1000-2500 Da
  • Peptide Mix 2 – 1500-6000 Da
  • Peptide Mix 3 – 3000-9000 Da
  • Peptide Mix 4 – 500-3500 Da
  • Peptide Mix 5 – 500-2000 Da
  • Peptide Mix 6 – 350-1000 Da

Protein calibrants

  • Protein Mix 1 – 15,700-17,000 Da
  • Protein Mix 2 – 8,000-24,000 Da
  • Protein Mix 3 – 23,000-66,000 Da
  • Protein standards – 12,000-66,000 Da
Full proteins digested with trypsin. Our fully characterized protein digests offer reproducible and well defined peptide spectra for calibration of proteomics experiments.

Each kit includes 5 vials and diluent.

  • Horse myoglobin (17 kDa) digest
  • Yeast enolase (47 kDa) digest
  • Bovine glutamate dehydrogenase (55 kDa) digest
  • Bovine serum albumin (66 kDa) digest
  • Rabbit glycogen phosphorylase (97 kDa) digest
LaserBio Labs offers a range of consumables for MALDI imaging including matrix, calibrants, ITO-coated slides and a dedicated starter kit for ABSciex instruments, including a custom-made slide holder.

The kit includes a specially designed microscope slide adaptor based on an Opti-TOF® LC-MALDI insert, which holds two microscope slides for MALDI imaging experiments. Our imaging kit provides a complete solution that also includes ITO-coated microscope slides, water-sensitive paper, double-sided adhesives and a matrix and calibrants imaging starter pack.

  • IMG-001 MALDI imaging starter kit for ABI 4800/5800
Custom kits
LaserBio Labs' flexibility and 20-years experience in MALDI-MS allow us to offer custom solutions tailored to users' needs, including specific calibration mixtures and custom OEM kits dedicated to a line of instruments.

We have strong expertise in supplying solutions for instrument manufacturers such as Perkin Elmer and Shimadzu Corp. LaserBio Labs currently manufactures kits for the Shimadzu / Biomérieux VITEK® MS systems.

We also designed kit IMG-001 specifically for Applied Biosystems / Sciex 4800 and 5800 MALDI TOF/TOF systems users

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