Frequently asked questions

How will my order be shipped?

We ship via FEDEX unless instructed otherwise. Shipping charges represent the exact costs and LaserBio Labs does not apply any additional margin to shipping fees. To lower your shipping costs you may provide your institution's FEDEX account number.
Upon request we also can use DHL or regular postal service. In the latter case no parcel tracking can be offered

All products are shipped at room temperature

What is delivery time?

Delivery time is normally 1 to 5 days with FEDEX depending on the country of destination. Please contact us for specific information

Can I pay for my order with a credit card?

Unfortunately not. We do not accept credit card payments anymore as too few customers are using this means of payment

Can I get a quote or an invoice in a different currency?

No, we do not provide documents labeled in currencies other than Euros. However upon request, the corresponding amounts in non-Euro currencies can be indicated on your quote or invoice at the current exchange rate. Please contact us for specific demands

Can I get a discount on my order?

LaserBio Labs' pricing policy is to offer the right price for its products and not to artificially inflate the catalog list prices in order to offer discounts as a marketing strategy. Prices are therefore not discounted. For large orders superior to 1000.00 Euros, please contact us

Will transit temperatures affect the performance of the products ?

No, as all products are shipped in dried form and are therefore insensitive to heat-induced degradation

How should I store my products upon reception ?

Upon reception products should be stored according to recommendations (4°C for matrix and -20°C for calibrants and digests). See the kit brochure for specific instructions

What is product lifetime ?

We give our products a one-year expiration limit after they leave our facilities. However, if proper storage and handling recommendations are followed, product lifetime is much longer, up to several years
For products stored at -20°C after dilution in solvent, freeze/thaw cycles should be kept as short as possible

Are there Materials Safety Data Sheets available ?

Yes. For non-European customers, please contact us if the MSDS has not been forwarded by the shipping service
MSDS are not included in intra-European shipments, please contact us to obtain one